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Ep.8 "You Can Nuzzle If You Want" @ Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR

This episode has 3 parts. The first conversation is with Jojo and Taber. They set up to check-in with each-other before the show in Portland and Jojo just woke up from a nap and was getting feisty. Part 2 is an introduction to John Swint our stage hand/guitar tech. Taber and he sat down to profess their love for one another and to discuss tour but mainly to share their love. The final conversation took place in the parking lot after the show between Taber and Carmen Winters. Carmen is the wife of of Montreal's sound man Mike Nolte. Taber sought to get to know her better and to discuss the struggles of being in a relationship with someone who tours for a living and how touring can effect a relationship.  

Art by  Taber Lathrop  and paint  Abby Gregg

Art by Taber Lathrop and paint Abby Gregg