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Ep. 21 "Clayton Was Really Impressed" w/ Kishi Bashi

In this episode Taber talks with Kishi Bashi (K for short). This interview is from 2 years ago, before the Tour D'oeuvres Podcast was started. It was the first interview Taber had ever done and as a result he and Jojo decided to make the podcast. To help with the interview, Taber recruited his good friend and previous Tour D'oeuvres guest, Drew Kirby. When this interview was recorded K had just released his 3rd studio album, Sonderlust. Taber and Drew were invited to K's studio to listen to and discuss the album.Unique to this episode is the addition of music throughout the conversation.With his laptop handy K took us through some of the songs on the album and explained different aspects of the writing/recording process. He also shared some of his favorite bands and the groups whose music helped inspire the new album. Other topics include K's background in Jazz, his musical career from his first band, Jupiter One, to playing for Regina Spektor, to joining of Montreal and to eventually headlining tours around the country and around the world. For more info about Kishi Bashi go to