Tour D'oeuvres Podcast

An audio journal of life on the road with a touring band

Episode 1 posts on April 3rd

About Tour D'oeuvres


The idea originated near the beginning of a nationwide tour with the band of Montreal in the fall of 2016. Taber, the projectionist, and JoJo, who plays synth in the band, had been discussing a desire to document the myriad personalities, conversations, triumphs, and complications encountered in their daily lives on the road.

With a couple of microphones and a field recorder, they embarked on a mission to capture daily conversations with their bandmates, tour-mates, friends, and fans along the way, in an attempt to capture their personal history with of Montreal and findthe lines within the chaos of a six week national tour.

Volume One of this podcast is made up of 19 conversations recorded on the fall of 2016 tour. Tour D'oeuvres will be back on the road in April of 2017 and documenting the next chapter. More details for the April tour can be found here.